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Offshore Hosting

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IT Outsource is a leading provider of offshore hosted virtual services via a custom built data centre in the Cayman Islands. The data centre provides private secure solutions to businesses that require their IT infrastructure to be located in an offshore jurisdiction. Security and privacy are paramount and our data centre services are designed to allow users to operate their offshore business from anywhere in the world, securely without the need for sensitive data to reside on their laptop or other access device. When coupled with our global offshore telephony products you can be fully connected to your offshore company from anywhere. Services include:

Virtual Servers We are able to securely host your production virtual servers (or even your disaster recovery servers) for a fixed monthly fee in our data centre.
Dedicated physical servers Should you prefer to provide the hardware; we can also provide you with the more traditional ‘rack and bandwidth’ approach to hosting
Offsite Backups of your data Struggling with tapes or offsite media? We can provide you with Offsite Backups of your data or even complete ‘warm standby’ virtual machines using our ServerSafe solution.
Private & Public CloudPrivate, Public or Hybrid Cloud, you decide and we can build it!
Hosted ApplicationsCost effective provisioning of specific applications for clients that require the application and associated data in an offshore jurisdictions.
Offshore Web Hosting Cost effective web hosting for clients that require an offshore presence.