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IT Support Services - ProCare

Some smaller organisations have little to no local IT support and therefore require a 3rd party to act as their local IT provider or ‘virtual CTO’. For those larger organisations with an IT department they often struggle to recruit and retain staff with the right skills, or are unable to focus on strategic projects because they are too busy 'fire-fighting' day-to-day support problems.

IT Outsource offers a re-active ProCare service which allows organisations to get additional help when it is required; whilst affording them the benefit of retaining control of their own IT strategies. For example, they may decide to divert the priorities of their own internal specialists for project related work whilst drawing on specialist resources from a third party who will handle particular tasks and manage a range of support services to supplement the skills of in-house staff.

Expert IT Support on an 'as-needed' basis allowing you to 'pay if it breaks'.

Services available under ProCare include:

User and desktop support - for all supported applications and devices
Service Desk - for “Remote Support” and “On-site Support”
Dedicated Service Delivery Manager – service reviews on a regular basis
Discounted rates - for new ‘requests’ and projects
Secondary support – vacation coverage or buy back your time for your in-house resources
Website maintenance and updates – time to evolve your branding?
Project Delivery – buy blocks of time to use our resources to deliver your managed projects.